The minimum system requirements needed to play are listed below.

The minimum system specifications:

Pentium III, 166 MHz or faster CPU
System Memory
256 MB RAM
Video Resolution
800 x 600 Pixels, 16 Bit Colour (Hi-colour)
Video Memory
512 KB RAM
Hard Disk Drive Space – Downloaded
20 MB
Hard Disk Drive Space – Installed
50 MB
Macromedia Flash Active-X Control, version 6.0 or better
Standard Mouse
Internet Access
56.6 KB/s Modem Connection Speed

Casino Requirements

You will need the Adobe/Macromedia Flash Plug-in/Active-X Control version 6.0 or better to play the Casino. If you have not installed the free Flash plug-in from Adobe yet or have an older version, the Casino will walk you through the simple installation process when you first enter.