To verify your account, we require valid proof of identification and residency on file. Any of the following government-issued documents may be used to verify your name and date of birth as registered to your Pinnacle account:

- Passport

- Driver’s license

- National ID card (front and back copy) 


We accept any of the below documents as proof of residential address. Please note that these documents must have been issued within the last three months and must clearly display your name and address as  registered to your Pinnacle account:

- Utility / Telephone bill (mobile bills are not accepted)

- Property receipt

- Lease / Rental agreement

- Bank account statement

- Government documentation

Depending on your chosen deposit method, you may also be requested to provide further supporting documentation. In order to verify credit and debit cards, you must provide the following:

- Photo ID (passport, driver's license or National Identity Card - this is required only once even if you use multiple cards)

- Proof of address (must be issued within the last three months and clearly display your full name and address)

- The front of your card (displaying only the first six and last four digits with any digits in between covered)

- The back of your card (with the CVC code covered - please note that your card must be signed) 

- Bank statement

You can upload any documents required for verification by selecting Verification under My Account and following the instructions to upload the required documents.