Learn about payment options

Many bettors overlook the practical implications of funding an account, so we are here to help with some useful hints on picking a payment method.

The payment options available at Pinnacle fall into three categories each with their characteristics and benefits.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers operate in the same way as when you instruct your bank to pay for a service for you. It is simple and widely used in a variety of industries, and provides the security of dealing directly with your own bank. As mentioned above, they take several days to process and the number of bank transfers are unlimited, though this of course will depend on your available funds.

Credit & debit cards

Using a Credit and Debit Card to deposit funds at Pinnacle is similar to using your card for any other online purchase, though there are a couple of things to be aware of. Many Credit Cards view deposits at bookmakers the same way as cash withdrawals, so you should check with your card issuer whether there are any associated charges. 


 eWallets are best compared to a new online bank account. You can move money in and out of your eWallet in a variety of ways (including bank transfer), and then use the eWallet to transfer money to your Pinnacle account, or to another service that supports the eWallet. Examples of popular eWallets are Neteller, Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers)

Why selecting your currency is vital

It’s important to know that the options available for depositing money at Pinnacle are actually determined when you sign up. This is simply because during the sign-up process, you select your chosen currency – there are 19 to choose from – which is the determining factor for available deposit and withdrawal options. We have full information on the currencies we support and the corresponding deposit/withdrawal methods on our Payments Option page, where you’ll see that many options operate globally – like bank wire transfer and credit card.

If you do find that after your initial selection you would prefer to have your account denominated in a different currency, do not panic. So long as you have not made a deposit, this can be done by contacting our Customer Service Department.

Betting big (and small)

 A big concern when choosing a payment option are the limits on deposit amount – both the maximum and minimum. New customers might want to deposit a small amount to try the service, with a number of options like Skrill and Neteller 

offering $10 minimum deposits while high-flyers wanting to take advantage of something like our $500k limits on the Champions League final would be advised to plan ahead with Bank Wire.

For maximum and minimum deposit amount of our deposit methods, please visit our Payment Options section.

Deposit options compared

Speed is key

If you are looking to start betting right away, you will need to pick a deposit option that ensures your money gets into your account without any delays. Thankfully, the majority of deposit options at Pinnacle offer instant deposits. So if you are making a time-sensitive bet (maybe a last-minute arbitrage opportunity), avoid Bank Wire Transfers which tend to take a few days though the benefit of that option is the unlimited transfer limits.

Security – Always our top priority

Pinnacle always puts customer security first, no more so then when we handle player’s personal payment information. To protect personal data and prevent fraud we have several standard practices which mean for example in order to make a Credit or Debit card deposits we require three pieces of information - this is per card, not per transaction:

  • a scan of your credit card
  • a scan of valid photo ID (Passport, Driver’s Licence or National Identity Card)

You are directed to a simple and secure upload process to provide this information. This may seem arduous, but we feel it improves player security and helps prevent identity fraud, which are both priorities at Pinnacle.

Reasons to make your first deposit


Hopefully our article has reassured you that depositing at Pinnacle is safe and secure, with options to suit everyone. However, if you need further motivation remember the reasons you signed up – best odds, winners welcome and highest limits – all within touching distance once you have made that first deposit.